Diesel engines

Spare parts for all types of diesel engine

A wide variety of diesel engines, depending on size and type of vessel, are used in maritime technology. Thus there are two- and four-stroke engines, and a distinction is also made between slow-, medium- and high-speed engines. On large ships, for example container ships, one finds slow, two-stroke operation. Medium-speed engines operate on a four-stroke basis and are applied in, for example, medium-sized cargo and passenger ships. Smaller, inland vessels usually use a high-speed engine for propulsion. Naturally, diesel engines play a role as propulsion motors in not only maritime technology, but also in the automotive sector, industry and agriculture. In addition to this, however, they are also used as generators on ships, as well having many other applications in business and everyday life.

Operational safety through high-value technology

You will find the right spare parts for your diesel engines for a variety of applications on ships and in industry. Established...

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Our Business Since 2002 we have focused on diesel engine technology for maritime equipment and industrial plants. During this time we have gained a wealth of experience in the field and built up a large and reliable network of suppliers and business partners around the world, allowing us to offer high quality products at competitive prices. Our subject-specific competencies also allow us to provide you with reliable advice for any questions or problems you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require information about the products that we distribute or if you wish to know, for example, which spare part is recommended for your specific needs. High-quality products, competitive prices and reliable service Customer satisfaction is of key importance to us and we can assist you with all technical questions. This also includes cooperation with carefully selected, reliable hauliers. Our service package includes the handling of all customs formalities for both import and export. We always endeavour to ensure...
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